viernes, diciembre 21, 2007

I need sponsor/s for Ph.D in Communications

I'm looking for sponsor/s in order to achieve the Ph.D. program called Doctor of Philosophy in Communications.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree in Communications is offered by the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and administered by the Journalism School in cooperation with various other departments and divisions, including Political Science, Sociology, the Columbia schools of business and law, and Teachers College. The program includes three specialties:

-Journalism and Public Life
-Social Impact of Media
-Economic, Legal, and Policy Aspects of Communication

Columbia is the ideal place for the marriage of research and teaching, theory, and practice in this important area, but I'm able to negotiate the State, University and even the Country.

Alternative Locations:
Madrid: La Universidad Complutense.
Paris: La Sorbonne
Santiago: La Universidad de Santiago de Chile.

I wont disapoint you.

Justice, Democracy and Progress... always.

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Miss Neumann dijo...

si consigues a alguien porfavor me das sus datos, a lo mejor quiere patrocinar a 2.

feliz año!

Cynthia Ramírez dijo...

Y si está dispuesto a patrocinar a 3, me avisan!